Andrea Jayne Martin, Artistic Director

Andrea Jayne Martin is an eclectic mover, creator, dance educator, yogi, healing artist, and wellness enthusiast currently residing in Boulder, CO.

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Andrea established ethereum dance co. in 2017 to continue her passion for creating socio-political performance art pieces that speak to the human experience.  Her approach is symbiotic between body and soul- encouraging full immersion in movement through a heightening of the senses.  Andrea's style balances sound technical training with an emphasis on safe, anatomical practice and progressive, dynamic choreography.

Andrea is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a B.A. in Dance as well as a B.A. in Performing Arts Management.  She also holds a Certificate in Non-Profit Studies in addition to a Minor in International Non-Governmental Organization Studies and was the recipient of a 2015 Rhode Island College Leadership Award in the category of "Vital Contribution to the Community."  She holds certifications in Selah®, Kripalu, and Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga as well as Tantric Chakra Therapy and CPR/ AED.  A budding female entrepreneur and healing arts practitioner, she is the sole owner of Selah® | Holistic Wellness and also serves as Founder and President of 501c3 nonprofit holistic wellness advocacy organization Seeds of Wellness (SOW), Inc.

Andrea has had the privilege of working with renowned artists/ mentors Heather Ahern (Aereplaye), Rika Alexander- assistant to Twyla Tharp, Nathan Andary, Jennifer Archibald (Arch Dance Company), Winifred R. Harris (WRHBL), Adrienne Hawkins, Ronald Lewis (Low Mountaintop Collective), Melissa Lui of Daniel Phoenix Singh’s Dakshina, Deb Meunier (Fusionworks), Eva Marie Pacheco (Providence Ballet Theatre), Jessica Pearson, Jenny Rocha (Painted Ladies), Kathy Gordon-Smith, Franca Telesio (Contemporary Dance Theatre of London), Bill Wilson, and Angelica Vessella.



Michelle Graham, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Michelle Graham’s mother tried to register her for a ballet class at the age of 3; she hated it and cried not to make her go. Luckily, Michelle gave dance a second try at the age of 9, when she begged her parents to sign her up for a hip-hop class. She received her early dance training at Sleepy Hollow Performing Arts Center (SHPAC), where she was awarded a merit-based scholarship. Her movement background includes gymnastics, hip hop, breakdance, modern, jazz, and ballet. Michelle quickly grew into the roles of teacher, choreographer, and stage manager at SHPAC. She was a founding member of Dark Matter Dance, a company that performed site-specific dance and character work at events and festivals such as the Horseman’s Hollow and Pirates on Hudson

Michelle continued on to receive a B.A. in Geography and Anthropology with a minor in dance from SUNY Geneseo in 2015. She was honored by the SUNY Geneseo Department of Theater and Dance as a two-time recipient of the Nona Shurman Annual Scholarship for Excellence in Dance Composition. During her time at Geneseo, she had the pleasure of working as a student choreographer & rehearsal assistant and performed works by guest artists such as Sabatino Verlezza, Jon Lehrer, Merete Muenter, PJ Penewell, Adrienne Hawkins, and Robin Dunn. 


Post-graduation, Michelle worked as a manager and educator at Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center located in Westchester, New York. It was here that she discovered her spirit vegetable, the beet. She recognizes that food is intimately tied to human health, the environment, animal welfare, poverty, politics, and culture in every step of its journey from soil to stomach. Michelle is passionate about food justice and believes that food might just be at the center of sustainability.

Michelle moved to Colorado this past year to pursue a Masters in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of Colorado, Boulder. While Michelle has been thriving professionally and academically, she discovered a void. She missed moving, creating, and connecting through the art of dance. Finding ethereum was rather serendipitous for her, and she could not be more excited to be joining the company for her first season and be welcoming dance back into her life.


Liz Hargett, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Liz Hargett has been a dancer for as long as anyone can remember. Always moving, flitting, and spinning about the house, she began formal dance training with the Charlotte School of Ballet as a way to harness her energy for movement. Her training began in classical ballet but quickly branched out to include any form of honest expression.

After dancing and performing with the Charlotte School of Ballet for almost fifteen years, Liz made the move from central North Carolina to the mountains, the place she considers her true home. She attended Appalachian State University, graduating with a BA in Sustainable Development. For alongside her love of movement, a deep appreciation for the Earth has always been a driving force in her life, a source of endless inspiration. In cultivating her own style of movement, the natural world is her greatest teacher. Always moving and never stagnant, she works to embody the beauty she sees around her.


An urge to move westward brought Liz to Colorado not long ago. Since arriving, she has been exploring the local community of ecstatic dance with great interest. Always striving for authenticity, ecstatic dance offers her a space to let the mind fall aside as movement comes forth.

While the landscapes change, her love of movement is always present. A steady force that resides within her, she turns to movement as the ultimate medicine. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity to move and grow with ethereum dance co. Working together as a creative force, wondrous things are bound to come.


Amalya King, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Amalya King is a mover, a shaker, a movement maker. She recently graduated from Naropa University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, where she had the opportunity to weave together a program combining somatic psychology, gender and women’s studies, and performance. In her studies, she explored the psychological effects of the sexualization of women and radical ways to empower the individual and the collective through the body and movement. Amalya conducted feminist interviews with women who strip, studied modalities of healing such as Authentic Movement, and created a photography art installation exploring female sexuality beyond the barriers of patriarchal standards and expectations.

Throughout her work, both personal and academic, the body is Amalya’s platform. It is her tool for healing, for resistance, for radical behavior, for play, for creating, and for being a part of movement and movements.


She recently returned from spending the summer at Bread and Puppet, a political puppet theater co and farm ran by Peter Schumann since 1963, where she lived in a tent for two months and wielded giant puppets in fields of flowers. She’s a bit sore, but ready to be back dancing. For the past two winters she has performed in the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, which has had a profound impact on her relationship with performance and politics. She is very excited that she will be co-directing this year’s performance, which will include a series of pop-up shows around the community to raise awareness on the issue of violence and oppression towards women and trans communities. Passionate about the merging of performance art and radical expression, Amalya performed last spring with Mystery Productions Inc. in their collaboration with Fractal Tribe in EcoAwakening, a circus theater performance about the environmental crisis. Amalya has studied dance all her life and is incredibly excited for this new opportunity to create, collaborate, and perform in the community of Boulder with ethereum dance co. 


Casandre Elyse Medel, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Casandre Elyse Medel has always had an absolute love for performance. A graduate of Naropa University (BFA Performance) and an alumni of the Youth Performing Arts School (Theatre and Musical Theatre Major), she continues to find her passion in vocal, dance, and theatre arts. Born and raised in Louisville, KY, where an abundance of artistic culture and community acted as a constant inspiration to Cass, she thrived in performance from a young age and developed a particular call to the study of movement-based performance.

Her early training in ballet, modern, and tap dancing gave her the opportunity to take part in many recitals and other performances, leading to a high school concentration in theatre and acting at the Youth Performing Arts School, where she mainly focused on jazz and tap dancing. The theatre program is where Cass found what true passion for the performing arts meant. The stage offered her another world- one that could be consciously created to provide space for a reflection of the actual self. This world has continued to provoke her to explore human behavior through this act of physical poetry in addition to the therapeutic release within diving into the emotions of a theatrical role.


Attending the University of Louisville in Kentucky, Cass continued to hone in on her passion for theatrical performance, studying Alexander Technique for Theatre and the Lequoc Theatrical Movement Method. During college, she spent time in Tampa, FL where she found a new form of performance that led her heart back to dancing. Joining the aerial dance and circus troupe Aerial Dragons, she trained in Lyra (aerial hoop), Sling, Pole, and Partner Acrobatics. A newfound passion for “flying” paved the way for true connection with her body and all of its performance capabilities. After several years, Cass moved to Boulder, CO to finish her degree at Naropa University. In 2017, she performed her thesis “The Community Creative”- an experimental community building variety show. During her time at Naropa, she split her energy nurturing her love for both modern dance and aerial dance.

Cass currently teaches at Vertical Fusion Pole and Aerial Dance Studio in Boulder, CO where you will often find her hanging upside down or twirling around. She is always looking to take part in the local performing arts scene as well as support and grow with other artists! She is grateful for growth and exciting things to come with ethereum dance co.!


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Sabrina Stone, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Sabrina Stone is a Dancer, a Woman, a Rebel, and a Spirit Witch. She has been in love with dance since first running on stage to be with her older sister when she was 3. She even has a tattoo of the word "Dancer" in Japanese on her ribs. She has remained committed through injuries and illness- physical and psychological- and will always return to dance as the ultimate emotional catharsis and body language. For her, dance is an irreplaceable art because of its ability to express the ineffable, both to the audience and for the dancer.  


Sabrina attained her BA with a Minor in Dance from Troy University in Troy, AL in 2014. She moved to Colorado 2 years ago with her life-partner, Caspian, to study Transpersonal Counseling. While in Boulder, she has explored her deepest pain and greatest pleasure, had many peak-experiences, connected spiritually in ways previously unimaginable, and healed and grown greatly through the many modalities abounding in the area.

Her childhood dance training included ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, and character development. Post- college, Sabrina took a hiatus from dance to heal from the competitive nature of schooling and the physical effects of the ever-rigorous training. She explored all types of yoga and continued to dance in her kitchen and in sporadic dance studio visits until she found Burlesque. This modality and the supportive community provided an un-training of the perfectionism and competitiveness that had been programmed into her for so long, giving her renewed freedom in her body. In the fall of 2017, she joined the short-lived all Queer dance company GraySpace, her first spin around the professional pole in 3 years. This company disintegrated around the same time she learned of ethereum... and she doesn't believe in coincidences. 

Now, Sabrina is connecting with this lovely group of inspired and respectful women as well as beginning her own Nude Performance Art project TransparencyThis project was inspired by her time learning Conscious Burlesque and also by her desire to connect nudity, performance, therapy, and activism. She hopes to one day create a therapeutic modality around performance art and provide this service through her own healing center. 


Jessie Westbrook, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Jessie Westbrook fell in love with dancing the moment she put on her first pair of ballet shoes at the age of 3.  That love turned into a deeply rooted passion that she wanted to share with the world.  Jessie received her pre-professional training in ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, contemporary, and hip hop from Dance Arts Studio in Broomfield, CO and is grateful for her well-rounded dance education.  She was a member of their community outreach performance team from elementary school through her senior year of high school. The team focused on bringing workshops and performances with strong technique into the community.

After going on to pursue dance in college, Jessie graduated with a B.A. in Dance and Choreography as well as a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she had the privilege of training with Rennie Harris, Donna Mejia, Erika Randall, Gesel Mason, Michelle Ellsworth, and Teena Marie Custer.  While at CU Boulder, Jessie learned many different styles of dance including house, aerial, West African, and tribal fusion in addition to furthering her classical modern and ballet technique. Her education emphasized dance history,  proper technique, and injury prevention as well as how to use art for social change. She also studied dance producution and technologies including sound and lighting design. 


Jessie is always continuing to find ways she can positively influence the world through her passion for dance and the performing arts. She currently teaches at Dance Arts Studio in Broomfield, CO and Elite Dance Academy in Boulder, CO. She especially loves using dance as a way to help youth find their voice and sense of expression. In addition to dancing professionally with ethereum dance co., Jessie creates and dances in dance films and has a few personal projects in the works.  When she isn't dancing, Jessie is often indulging in her other passion for the outdoors, spending the majority of her time hiking and camping in the mountains. 

Jessie deeply believes dance has a special way of healing people- emotionally, mentally, and physically. Her life's work revolves around using dance as a platform to help people through whatever they may struggle with. Planning on getting her Masters in Clinical and Mental Health in Psychology as well as a Certificate in Somatic Psychology, she hopes to one day combine dance and somatic principals into her therapy work. Jessie is particularly interested in using dance to promote body positivity and empowerment to children, teens, and young adults struggling with eating disorders, addictions, mental health, familial relationships, and physical disabilities.