Andrea Jayne Martin, Artistic Director

Andrea Jayne Martin is an eclectic mover, creator, dance educator, yogi, healing artist, and wellness enthusiast currently residing in Boulder, CO.

Andrea established ethereum dance co. in 2017 to continue her passion for creating socio-political performance art pieces that speak to the human experience.  Her approach is symbiotic between body and soul- encouraging full immersion in movement through a heightening of the senses.  Andrea's style balances sound technical training with an emphasis on safe, anatomical practice and progressive, dynamic choreography.

Andrea is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a B.A. in Dance as well as a B.A. in Performing Arts Management.  She also holds a Certificate in Non-Profit Studies in addition to a Minor in International Non-Governmental Organization Studies and was the recipient of a 2015 Rhode Island College Leadership Award in the category of "Vital Contribution to the Community."  She holds certifications in Selah®, Kripalu, and Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga as well as Tantric Chakra Therapy and CPR/ AED.  A budding female entrepreneur and healing arts practitioner, she is the sole owner of Selah® | Holistic Wellness and also serves as Founder and President of 501c3 nonprofit holistic wellness advocacy organization Seeds of Wellness (SOW), Inc.

Andrea has had the privilege of working with renowned artists/ mentors Heather Ahern (Aereplaye), Rika Alexander- assistant to Twyla Tharp, Nathan Andary, Jennifer Archibald (Arch Dance Company), Winifred R. Harris (WRHBL), Adrienne Hawkins, Ronald Lewis (Low Mountaintop Collective), Melissa Lui of Daniel Phoenix Singh’s Dakshina, Deb Meunier (Fusionworks), Eva Marie Pacheco (Providence Ballet Theatre), Jessica Pearson, Jenny Rocha (Painted Ladies), Kathy Gordon-Smith, Franca Telesio (Contemporary Dance Theatre of London), Bill Wilson, and Angelica Vessella.



Liz Hargett, Assistant to the Director / Guest Artist

Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Liz Hargett has been a dancer for as long as anyone can remember. Always moving, flitting, and spinning about the house, she began formal dance training with the Charlotte School of Ballet as a way to harness her energy for movement. Her training began in classical ballet but quickly branched out to include any form of honest expression.

After dancing and performing with the Charlotte School of Ballet for almost fifteen years, Liz made the move from central North Carolina to the mountains, the place she considers her true home. She attended Appalachian State University, graduating with a BA in Sustainable Development. For alongside her love of movement, a deep appreciation for the Earth has always been a driving force in her life, a source of endless inspiration. In cultivating her own style of movement, the natural world is her greatest teacher. Always moving and never stagnant, she works to embody the beauty she sees around her.

An urge to move westward brought Liz to Colorado not long ago. Since arriving, she has been exploring the local community of ecstatic dance with great interest. Always striving for authenticity, ecstatic dance offers her a space to let the mind fall aside as movement comes forth.

While the landscapes change, her love of movement is always present. A steady force that resides within her, she turns to movement as the ultimate medicine. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity to move and grow with ethereum dance co. Working together as a creative force, wondrous things are bound to come.


Anna Potter, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Anna Potter began dancing as soon as she could walk. She was always scooting her boots to Bluegrass at local festivals in her home of West Virginia, and tapping along to the jazz music she and her dad would listen to. She began her formal training in middle school with a local dance studio, taking all varieties of classes including jazz, hip-hop, modern, and ballet. She continued dancing into her collegiate career, studying at University of Greensboro, as a BFA in Dance Performance. Anna had the opportunity to work under many artists in her time in North Carolina, including Larry Lavender, BJ Sullivan, Elizabeth Johnson, Larry Keigwin and Nicole Wolcott, Sean Curran, and many more. She later transferred to West Virginia University to broaden her training. She had the privilege of studying with many greats in the field, including General Hambrick, Yoav Kaddar, Maureen Mansfield, Angela Dennis, Donald Laney, Adam Barruch, Meredith Dincolo, and Katreena Snyder.

After several years training in West Virginia, she chased her dream out to Colorado in order to further immerse herself in the dance community. Her passion in dance has always been modern, and her deep exploration into improvisation has lead her to choreography. Her current focus is site-specific choreography; she thrives in the creation of dance works so engrained in their environment that were you to remove it and put it in a black box theater, it would not be the same piece. Anna’s journey has continued to expand into studying the energetic healing arts, and most recently she received her Reiki certification.  Now, she continues to seek new ways to marry dance and healing. 


Joy Vita Verde, Dancer / Artistic Collaborator

Joy Vita Verde is a multidisciplinary performance artist working to integrate dance, circus/aerial arts, music production, singing/percussion, theater, film, and the healing arts to facilitate and create works of art that allow for every being involved to experience radical transformation. Just before the start of 2013, she founded and directed an improvisational aerial dance theater company in Buffalo, NY called Aerial Verde (AV) who made their mark performing on stages, streets, and experimenting with film techniques, friends, acquaintances, and random strangers.

AV took a hiatus when Joy flew the coop in the fall of 2016 to focus on her personal development and finding bigger skies in which to test her growing wings. After a wild dragon ride, she landed in Boulder in September 2018 and was immediately drawn to work with ethereum dance company - she's very excited to develop and share work that allows her body and voice to co-create & express as well as be seen and heard in a new way!


Kendall Ruhnow, Apprentice

Kendall Ruhnow’s journey through dance began with preschool ballet lessons, which only resulted in arguments with her mother over whether or not she had to wear tights for class. For a time, this was a deal breaker. However, after a few years exploring other outlets such as martial arts, violin, and singing, she found her way back to the studio with a hip-hop class at age 10, after reading a flyer at the local rec center. This quickly became a source of community for her, and left her wanting more. In order to follow this path, she extended herself into ballet and jazz to be able to work with more styles, and dance with and learn from more teachers and students. 

After 2 years on her high school dance team, Kendall found her love for choreography. The format gave her a deeply emotional platform with which to tell her stories, that was rooted in her body. Following this realization, she joined a competitive company with Peak Athletics in Littleton, CO, where she quickly became a leader for the group, and reconnected with the healing aspects of dance. In her 2 years with the company, she created a solo piece based on her experiences with anxiety, worked with and performed choreography set by Kristen Sudeikis, and dove deeper into tap, musical theatre, and contemporary- all of which she continues to train in today.

Kendall is currently working towards her Associates Degree in Business at Arapahoe Community College and will follow this with an Associates in Exercise Science to prepare herself for a future as a choreographer who also facilitates anatomical education to give dancers a stronger, healthier career. She is passionate about creating self-awareness in a dancer’s body by studying and teaching the specific kinesiology of dance, as well as how to strengthen and protect a dancer’s muscles and joints. 

Moving into a new experience with dance, Kendall is incredibly excited to have found a space to regularly share creative energy with people who bring in such varied life experience and perspective. It gives her the chance to live in her passion for dance and to focus on the personal and shared experience of movement. She is ready to create, share more stories, and grow as a dancer and person with ethereum dance co.